Week 5: Light Activated Sculpture

Try experimenting and working with a material that is new to you. 

During last week's in-class demos, I responded to a couple of the materials: brass and cork, both new materials to me. (So far I've worked with fabric, wood, acrylic, paper, and cardboard.) I was intrigued by mixing materials of different colors, textures, and perceived resistance--a seemingly hard metal with a soft wood product. I took a field trip to Metalliferous and was surprised by flexibility of the brass sheets. The possibility of working this material by hand seemed counterintuitive to what I'd normally expect from a metal and was therefore extra appealing.

I arrived at my project in a circuitous way. Similar to Week 3, I actually started in pursuit of a modular sculpture to play with color subtraction, thinking that I might craft brass frames to hold colored plastic sheets. But after working with the brass and creating some unexpected shapes, I decided to follow my original inkling to combine it with cork.

Materials & Tools
Brass Sheets, 28 Gauge (6" x 12" or 12" x12")
Round Cork Coasters (4" diameter)
White Card Stock
Fine Point Sharpie Pen
Tape Measure
Brass Plated Escutcheon Pins (#18 x 1/2")
Word Scraps
1/16" Drill Bit


I usually work with best if I have clear vision of what I want to create.  But this week, since I chose new materials, I knew that would I need to spend some time literally getting the feel of them. I'm glad I started early enough to allow for that time to play and explore. I'm also thankful that I paid attention to my instincts mid-project and switched gears to construct something that I generally enjoyed making and photographing.