Week 5: Composition

wintershowcard a.png

After our lesson on composition, our assignment was to create a card/poster for the upcoming ITP winter show. Though I've barely just begun, I knew wanted tell a story about this program to the outside world. ITP encompasses so many dynamic people, ideas, and possibilities. How to tell the story of such a rich, stimulating environment? I started by listing key words that have so far defined my experience here: community, collaboration, curiosity, imagination, international, creativity, diversity, ideas, skills, and so many interests: art, music, dance, media, mixed realities, science, literature...and on and on and on. I heart this place and my peers!

After generating that list I immediately remembered the Noun Project, which sparked the inspiration to craft the letters of ITP from these words as graphic elements. Similar to my sign redesign in Week 2, I looked for icons of similar line quality and weight. 

Next In Adobe Illustrator, I used the grid and guidelines to map out a general layout for the icons and show details. On a new layer, I then added and composed with the graphics and copy, incorporating the official NYU purple. I originally started with a font from the Avenir typeface and played with a few others from our recommended list, but they seemed too hard and serious alongside the whimsy and lightness I associated with the icons. I eventually found two handwritten-style fonts: Claire Hand and Permanent Marker. Finally, I wanted viewers to simultaneously recognize the letters but continue to explore the individual images. I compressed the space between the icons, and in Photoshop, filled in areas with lighter shades of purple and two accent colors to further define the shapes of the letters. I made a vertical version for fun, too. (The border is for display on the blog only.)

Image Credits from the Noun Project:
Balloon by Ananth
Cable by Daria Moskvina
Camera by Alfa Design
Coding by Mushu
Dancing by Matt Brooks
Globe by Edward Boatman
Hand by Mikhail Bazilevsky
Heart by Vladimir Belochkin
Interaction by Wira
Led bulb by Alina Oleynik
Magic Wand by Matthew R. Miller
Music by Satisfactory
Painting by Arthur Shlain
Rainbow by Grégory Montigny
Robot by AliWijaya
Science2 by Jivan
Teamwork by Mahmure Alp
Train by H Alberto Gongora
UFO by Eucalyp
Virtual Reality Headset by Hopkin
Wifi by Mello