Week 6: Business Card

For my first personal business card I considered several questions:

Can I match the look of my website? At the moment my website is titled with my name all in lower case letters using Proxima Nova font. Capitalizing the start of my first and last names, "E" and "N" respectively, introduces straight lines that project a formality that I'm not feeling at the moment. If I keep my name entirely lowercase the next question becomes, how I can keep my name/logo distinguished from that of celebrity Ellen Degeneres' and her show?

Next, can I keep the design clean and eliminate redundant information? What is the least amount of information required? It seems repetitive to provide my name, my email address (which includes my partial name), and my website address (which is my full name) on my business card. This site contains links to my email address and my LinkedIn profile. If I just publish my website address on my card, will that suffice if folks really want to get in touch with me? If they do wish to make additional contact, they'll need to visit my site and see more of my work in the process. 

Finally, and the ultimate question I suppose: how can I uniquely represent myself and my current creative interests in visual perception? Over the years I've collected others' cards and found myself drawn to simple black and white designs with a personal touch--usually hand drawn or personalized graphic elements. So I decided to play around with several designs I created recently in my computational media class--a pixelated self portrait and variations from an animation.

After creating several iterations on my computer with both visuals, it was helpful to print them out and handle them as objects. The one with the portrait stood out as the best to balance all the elements of format, image, and text, not to mention the strongest in its representation of me. A 2" square card was card way too small, so I bumped it 2.5". I also settled on the final iteration of my name/website which turned out to most closely match my name as it appears on this site. I even tried the portrait in the traditional 3.5" x 2" business card format, but I preferred the image to stand on its own.

After completing this process, I couldn't help but wonder who uses business cards anymore? Isn't is easier to snap a photo on your phone, bookmark someone's site directly, or follow on social media? Even more reasons to create an artistic artifact worth holding.