Week 1: My First Server

In class this week we learned how to set up a basic HTTP server using the command line (Terminal on a Mac) and Digital Ocean, a service that provides virtual server space.

After a creating a Droplet, Digital Ocean's brand of server space, I did the following:
1. Logged into it via Terminal
2. Updated the packages available for the machine with apt-get update
3. Installed Node with apt-get install nodejs
4. Set the alias of nodejs to simply node with apt-get install nodejs-legacy
5. Installed the Node Package Manager for additional features with apt-get install npm

Next, I installed the app Fetch on my computer to which to connect and upload files to my new server, including a basic server.js file and any pages to serve up to a browser (client) if requested.

For our assignment to create a piece of hypertext art, I found Patrick Roos' text-image converter and converted a self portrait to HTML. I copied and modified the source code for my new web page, which proved a fruitful exercise and I'm still learning how structure and style web pages with HTML and CSS. The result is available (at least for now) here: 01101100 01101110

I noticed during the setup process in class that my server would only serve up files after I launched it from the command line and cease to do so once I exited Terminal. So I figured out how to install and run the Forever module to run my server continuously, independent of my activity on the command line. In addition, I installed Socket.IO as I hope to incorporate skills and ideas from my Collective Play class. 

Code on GitHub