Week 14: In Memoriam

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In Memoriam is an open-ended, multi-user virtual reality experience that presents a future in which nature is preserved as a synthetic monument.

Two participants, after donning VR headsets, enter a surreal world of plastic trees, open water, and forest sounds from the past. Entering at two different locations in the landscape, guests are tasked to find each other while exploring an artificial forest.

What is familiar? What is strange? How will they relate their respective locations? What language will they use to describe their foreign surroundings? What clues will they leave for one another, and what will they discover along the way?

In collaboration with Carrie Wang.

What can I write about networking in virtual reality? It’s challenging and fragile but possible if you have inspiring professor and supportive peers. A huge thanks to Igal Nassima and our classmates who encouraged and helped us along the way.

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