Week 3: The List (Part 2)

Finally, it's here: all the answers. Two hundred and ninety-seven of them in a tidy paperback. Thanks to the Village Copier I now have my book of answers, scraped from DuckDuckGo's autosuggest. For a prototype I'm very pleased. Next time I might increase the gutter a tad more (and somehow the last page ended up on the back cover), but overall it's very gratifying to hold. I'm especially fond of the answer pairings across the page spreads considering that I printed the list in order. 

the answers is a quarter of the size of my list, sometimes. It's too many pages to publish with the Village Copier or online at Blurb, Lulu, or even with Issuu (shown here) without breaking it into volumes. Of all the lists I scraped, I'm most moved by the range of human experience represented in these saved search submissions. Note for future Ellen: code your own site for an uninterrupted page-turning experience. 

The future is on stickers! Excited to explore an alternative physical list manifestation, I printed autocompletions from the phrase "the future is" onto 568 round, clear stickers to share with others and deposit around the city.