Week 2: Painting with Pixels

Of this week's examples, the random lines based on mouse position inspired me to explore ways to paint the canvas with different objects and conditions, especially after the recent analog and digital drawing activities in Collective Play. I created these with the idea that a dancer, and not a hand on a mouse, draws through their movement. All of my examples (and their code) are available at OpenProcessing.

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 9.31.03 AM.png

Painting with Random Lines
My first sketch (top image) curves the lines into themselves (using bezierVertex) and the streak changes color according to mouse position. Unfortunately, OpenProcessing does not support the quadraticVertex, which is depicted in the bottom image.

Painting Points in Unison
Here I created clusters of point clusters to travel in the same direction synchronously. Moving the mouse closer to the bottom of the screen increases the number of points in each cluster.

Painting in Symmetry
In this sketch, the base shape is the ellipse, and its color changes over time. I rotated the canvas to create a vertical line of symmetry in the middle of the screen.