Week 2: Spatial Sound Design Sketch


This week introduced Facebook’s 360 Spatial Workstation plugin for Reaper, which allows design for a sound’s distance from the user, as well as the angle of that distance, called azimuth (think panning but for 360 degrees). Here’s a handy resource for getting started with sound spatialzation with this tool. Combined with Reaper’s automation features, I can also adjust these and any other parameter, including those I played with last week, over the duration of a track.

I created this particular story to say goodbye to summer and to represent what happens when I start working on sound design projects: I fall in and lose all sense of time.

Credits from Freesound.org:
Seagull on beach by squashy555
Airplane Overhead by IESP
Ambience, Seaside Waves, Close, A by InspectorJ
Underwater [Loop] AMB by DCSFX
Ghost Female Singing by MadamVicious
female singing "here" by womb_affliction

Audio of children playing here recorded on my phone.
GIF from giphy

Have a listen. Headphones recommended.