Week 2: Daily Sketches

Day 1: A song that represents the mood or vibe of my thesis world:
Instinct tells me that birdsong is too obvious and overdone, but compared to other avian-inspired classical music or hours of forest and jungle soundscapes, I am intrigued by the acoustic dialogue in this recording.

Day 2: What are the worst possible ways to address my thesis statement or question?

Everyone wears voice changer masks

A precursor for any kind of animal-watching event (btw, this woman is amazing!)

A designated area in which a person enters, submits a form of communication for translation, and because feedback is obscure, confusing, or irrelevant, they leave immediately

Day 3: What are five images that represent the world or mood of your thesis?

Sources: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4, Image 5

Some sounds to add here, as well:
Wind Chimes With Light Wind - Ambient Soundscape
I heard there was a secret chord - 360 video

I also asked people to share some of the favorite sounds with me today. I heard: birds chirping, trains revving, skateboards rolling, children laughing, bubbles popping, cats meowing, underwater gurgling… and cooking shows.

Keywords/ideas from today’s sketch: outside, nature, generative design, places for people to come together, unexpected but welcome, play

Day 4: What are give questions that I’ll investigate with my thesis project?

  1. Can you create a shared new language on the fly?

  2. What is lost in translation? What is gained?

  3. From where does meaning arise—in the understanding or in the effort of trying?

  4. What is the least number of steps necessary to learn to express yourself with a new tool?

  5. How do you create an environment that invites curiosity and welcomes sustained, playful engagement?

Day 5: What are three possible venues for this work to be shown? Why do I want to be part of these institutions or venues?

  1. Online - so that anyone, regardless of their physical location, can participate; also it makes implementation in the locations below much easier.

  2. Public squares or parks - because this could be the best unexpected happening on your routine commute home in the spring. (Hey now, I can request a special event permit for a city park!)

  3. Traditional gallery spaces - because it's even more fun to be raucous in places usually reserved for quiet contemplation.

Day 6: Three experts or types of people (not fictional nor deceased) to speak to about my thesis.
Hmmm…it feels that I’ve hit an impasse in my thinking about this project. Cannot provide a list of possible experts without a concrete direction. Will return here when that resolves. 🤞